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Updated: May 30, 2023

I am so excited to tell you that Tauren and I are launching our new podcast 'Alive and Wells' with the Access More Network! Each episode will be filled with honest and transparent conversations about marriage, parenting, callings, rest, enneagrams and so much more!

Whether you're single, engaged, married, have kids or not - this podcast is for YOU as a reminder that life isn't perfect, but it can be exciting when God is in it.

It all starts today, Wednesday, Oct 5!

Subscribe HERE to never miss an episode of 'Alive and Wells'!

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2 commenti

Besa Penner
Besa Penner
01 nov 2022

Your guys podcast are really encouragin,helpful,impactful and grateful for it. Thanks 🙏

Mi piace

07 ott 2022

I just heard about your blog and podcast listening to the Faith and Calling podcast. I haven’t read the blogs yet, I just listened to your podcast. I have nodded, said ”yes!” and just laughed. My husband is also a worship pastor and our story is very similar. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing the good, the hard, and the ugly about ourselves, and the restoration And beautiful picture of grace and unconditional love.

Mi piace
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