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Entry 008: Life Update

So, A LOT has happened since I last blogged. I wish I could portray to you the chaos, excitement, and challenges we've had this summer. God has blessed us and I'm really pumped to get back in my flow and share what's on my heart.

So many awesome things have happened and I just wanted to catch you up on the highlights!

Kanaan's Spiritual Adventure

We started the summer off with our oldest son Kanaan choosing to be water baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus and a few weeks later he was baptized in the Spirit! This was ABSOLUTELY the highlight of the year for us. We are thrilled.

The House Thing

Last year around October we started looking for some new house options because we needed a guest room and Tauren desperately needed an office/studio space. We ended up getting hooked up with an amazing realtor who has turned out to be a great friend, Nicole Lopez (The PR Group). She introduced us to all the right people and long story short, she helped us decide on building a house that is on this beautiful canal that feeds right into Lake Houston. It's a beautiful property!

Our house sold in ONE DAY, so we were in a whirlwind getting things packed up and trying to keep the essentials out for a family of 5 that we would need for the next 6 weeks. My sweet parents let us move in with them during that time and we set off on some fun summer adventures. We went to Lake Travis, Sea World, Waco, and a Resort in the Hill Country!

We had a wonderful time, but we were ready to move in our new home! We got moved in at the end of July and we are loving putting our stamp and style on it. I can' wait to show you some pictures of it soon. =) Here are a few pics of the view from the upper deck though. I took these before the home was finished.

Back To School

We got in the house just in time for school to start. Kanaan started 1st Grade and Lawson and Navy are doing preschool for 3 days a week. They are loving it. It gives them some structured playing and learning time, while it gives me a few days a week to do the house work and focus on some fun things I'm diving into (more on this later). Check out these pics of my cuties heading to school!

I have lots to share with you in the coming days. Thank you for your prayers, love and support! God is so good and faithful and he has strengthened us this summer. I hope you had an amazing summer as well!

Lean in to Life. It’s messy, but beautiful.

Much love,


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