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Entry 006: Parent Trap

How is parenting going for you this week? Are you about to lose your mind? Are you thinking of changing your name from "Mom" to anything else, because if you hear it ONE MORE TIME you are going to go into a fit of rage? Well, it's been just peachy over here. Let me tell you a few fun things that happened at the Wellses home this last week.

Picture this. It's a beautiful Sunday morning, you hear the baby has woken up and you head upstairs to get him ready for church. You open the door and get slapped in the face by the most putrid smell. That's right. Death diaper. Well, that's nothing new. You've changed these kind of diapers many times before. You head over to the baby's crib only to find that his diaper is not on his body, but in the corner of the crib. Panic sets in immediately. This is when you realize there is poop EVERYWHERE. He's covered from head to toe. He's jumping with excitement because he thinks he just got his first chance to play with play dough. It is smeared aaaalllll over the sheets and blankets. Do you grab him first? Do you put on a hazmat suit and then dive in. Where do you start?

This all happened to me this last Sunday. What a way to start off a Sunday morning, right? lol. My husband is on tour right now, so that means Sundays, I'm on my own with the three hooligans. Once I get to church, I am so glad and I cry and worship and love every second. BUT, getting to church and the aftermath of church is dreadful. haha! After the poop incident, I was able to get all the boys fed and dressed and safely playing while I got dressed. I loaded them up in the car and we headed for church! Once we got there, I got the boys checked in for class and Kanaan decided he wanted to sit with me. We were on the front row. A sweet lady came by to shake our hands and Kanaan REFUSED to shake her hand. I was mortified. I tried to let her know, he must still be tired and laughed it off, but after she walked away. I whispered threats in his ear with a voice that was a cross between Darth Vader and Inspector Gadget's nemesis, Dr. Claw. After that, he was pretty salty so he sat in his chair and pouted. I normally would have taken him out and spanked him for his attitude, but on Sundays you gotta pick your battles, so I just ignored him and focused on the service.

After church, we always meet up with my family and go eat lunch. My parents, my brother, Brandon, and his 2 boys met us at the restaurant. The kids were rowdy, to say the least. Lawson randomly throws up on the floor (I think he coughed too hard or something), Kanaan would not eat his food, and Navy would not sit in the highchair. I was constantly getting up to help Lawson cut his food and try to make Kanaan eat his food and the rush back over to make Navy sit down before he busts his head open. I don't know what I ate, or if I even ate anything. It was the most hectic, unenjoyable meal of all time! I finally got them home and down for naps. You better believe I crashed as well. lol

This is not really an unusual day as a mom. I know you know this. I have screamed at my kids and hated myself for it later. I have locked myself in the bathroom just to get some peace. I have merely survived through some days and felt like my children learned nothing from me and did not feel loved. Let me tell you something I'm learning though. I am a fantastic mom. YOU are a fantastic mom. If you are reading this blog, then you care about your children. If you feel "mom guilt" at any point, then you LOVE your children. There are going to be days where you are not the perfect mom, but there will be many days where you are KILLING it! They all balance out. The best thing you can do for your children is be honest with them about your bad days. Apologize when you yell or fly off the handle. Teach them honesty and integrity. Hug them up every chance you get. Watch them do that weird "not really a trick" flip thing for the hundredth time and cheer them on. Let them destroy the playroom because they are having fun playing with their siblings. *Of course, make them clean it all up later and organize everything perfectly. =)

My point is, don't fall in the trap of believing that you aren't a good parent, because you aren't perfect. If you believe that, you will never BE a good parent, because you will think it's about you. It's about those sweet kids that just need us to love them and nurture them, smeared poop and all.

Mom. Dad. You're doing an amazing job. You will figure it out. You will get through this difficult season, but don't try to rush past these moments. You were called to raise these kids. Give it your all and raise kings and queens for the Kingdom of God!

Lean in to Life. It’s messy, but beautiful.

Much love,


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Nov 05, 2019

Spanking is never the answer. As far as “spare the rod” nonsense, “Thy rod and staff guide me” is more like it. The Shepherds guide their sheep, not hurt them. How many children did Jesus spank?


Apr 03, 2019

Yes girl! Air high five! You go momma. Right back at you. 😘

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